Island Spotlight: RYME With Reason

Island Spotlight: RYME With Reason

By: Molly Rudolph 

Founders Hanna and Loes created RYME after personally experiencing the power that comes from the symbiosis of the mind and body. For them, RYME stands for recycle your mindset// experiences, but also represents the experience of completely vibing with someone. To have a yin and yang flow to your relationship is something that feels rare to most, so when these two women discovered their RYME, they knew they needed to share it with the world. 

RYME is a unique 6-week therapeutic experience provided by co-founders Hanna and Loes to bring their clients to a place of self-sustained inner peace. Its purpose is to “create accessible spaces to experience interaction with intention and flow” for people to RYME with their lives. Their clients are curious and open to learning about themselves in new ways while embracing & exploring unique therapeutic techniques. Each experience creates a community of people, learning together.  

Hanna and Loes each begin the six weeks with introductory RYME calls with each client to better understand their backgrounds and hopes for this experience while creating a baseline for each relationship. These calls are crucial to the foundation of this RYME experience because they then use this feedback to tailor the program to its participants. No two RYME retreats are ever the same, as their programs are constructed around the individuals who attend. 

After these calls, the participants head down to Costa Rica for an immersive, therapeutic experience that has been carefully crafted by the duo based on themes they uncover through phase one. This process helps participants ease into this experience because of the already established trust and rapport. There is no daily schedule, but instead, the group is gently taught to listen to their bodies, and the duo guides the energy of the group, moment to moment. Incorporated into most days is a combination of meditation, yoga, hypnotherapy, water therapy, energy play, and reiki, all within a baseline of community. Through these activities, Hanna and Loes create an intentional space that empowers and highlights each RYMER in a relaxed yet powerful way. These practices encourage lasting harmony of the mind and body and have been heavily researched by both Hanna and Loes, throughout their own experiences and educational backgrounds. During this retreat, one may sense that this experience is not meant to be a “retreat” or an escape from reality, but a deeply embodied learning, meant to last a lifetime.  

After spending a week in Costa Rica, the clients return home, but their RYME experience does not end there. As they settle back into their lives, they have a final call with both Hanna and Loes, whenever they feel they need it, for re-integration support. These calls serve to ensure that their progress from the RYME retreat stays alive and permanent in their being as they drop back into their lives outside of Costa Rica.  

Additionally, RYMERS continue to stay in touch via the online community where they can connect and discuss their experiences. RYME is remarkable in this way, it embraces the digital world and uses it to strengthen the bonds of its members, creating a global community of support & inspiration.  

Overall, the RYME experience is one no one should miss out on. The quality of care and unique methodology truly sets this experience apart from others and will leave a lasting effect on those who choose to immerse themselves in the synergy of RYME.