Meet Team Active Member Yanice Cowart

Meet Team Active Member Yanice Cowart

Yanice Cowart // @veggiefitrunchick

A little about Yanice:

After becoming a very full and fluffy mom of 4 kiddos, my husband challenged me to start running at age 40. Then we discovered he had a mass on his brainstem and we chose to transition into a vegan lifestyle. I dropped 35 pounds, ran 5 marathons – including qualifying for & running the prestigious Boston Marathon. I began lifting weights and practicing yoga at age 44. I believe that a raw vegan diet and fitness have literally saved me from crippling adrenal fatigue and a 34-year battle with depression. I still struggle with keeping depression at bay, and keeping off the pounds is a daily fight.But transformation is totally possible & within reach!


I was a homeschooling mom for 18 years. This is my first year not homeschooling, and I am looking to pursue a career in fitness in the next year.

How have you “found your island“ (i.e. your passion) in life?

I expect to live on the beach one day. Beach vibes and workouts in the sand are unbeatable!

How do you #GetIslandActive (i.e. what's your workout style)?

Although I am primarily on Minor, weightlifting is my true love. I also enjoy yoga, hiking, dancing, and trying anything new and active outdoors.

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What is your favorite workout move?

My favorite workout moves are T-bar rows and deadlifts.

What is your favorite meal to pair with an Island Active?

As a plant-based athlete, I love pairing Island Active with “sushi “rolls or tofu chili. Ahhhh and my favorite bean & veggie tacos on Taco Tuesday!

What song motivates you the most to keep pushing through?

I start every race almost every workout to AC/DC “Back in Black.” It really gets pumped up!

What advice would you give to those looking to have a more #IslandActive lifestyle?

I like to work hard during my workouts and training runs during the week, then play hard with an Island Active on the weekend!!