Island Brands Teams up With Zest Vodka to Create the Zestbomb

Island Brands Teams up With Zest Vodka to Create the Zestbomb

Summer is Here to Stay with Zest Vodka   

We’re stoked to announce a new partnership with Zest Vodka, a fellow Charleston-based brand. 

Zest Vodka focuses on clean ingredients and premium products, which is exactly our style here at Island Brands. Zest started earlier this year, but we’re already excited to be working together.  

With a shared spotlight on refreshing flavors, we thought the best way to show off our new partnership would be with a new drink. 

 Meet Your New Favorite Drink

The magic recipe is a cold can of Island Active and one shot of Zest Vodka. The end result is a deliciously light lemonade with the ABV of a mixed drink, and no liquor aftertaste. Our new drink is light on calories but full of flavor.   

How to make a zestbomb.

“We knew we had something special right when we tasted a shot of Zest in Island Active,” said Jake MacDowell, Co-Founder of Zest Vodka. “It might be starting to feel like winter, but all we can taste is summer.”  

This crushable combo is available at Uptown Social in Charleston. But, you can make it at home next time you pick up a six pack of Island Active and some Zest Vodka. Test it out for yourself and tell us what you think!