6 Tips on How to Crush Your Instagram Game This Holiday Season

6 Tips on How to Crush Your Instagram Game This Holiday Season

When it comes to photography, we work as a team and always try to space ourselves out to get as many perspectives and angles as possible. We prefer outdoor photography, but love the opportunity to shoot something out of our normal wheelhouse. Different settings and mediums create different moods in our photos and open the door for more unique editing opportunities. Here are some of our best tips, to take your instagram game to the next level!


  1. Quality over quantity! Put your efforts into taking better photos of yourself and your interests. Take your time and practice, practice, practice. Also, think about having a friend or loved one take photos of you, or simply set up a self timer so that your most authentic and candid moments are captured more organically.

  2. Keep your captions short and simple. Unless you are blogging, let your images speak for themselves and sum up your pictures in just 3-5 words.

  3. Keep your hashtags relevant to your post. There are great resources online that can provide a list of hashtags that will relate to your photo and increase your chances of your picture being viewed on Instagram.

  4. When it comes to editing, less is more. Keep your adjustments subtle and stay away from high saturation or too many highlights, this can create a “blown out” or “HDR” look to your photos. Filters/pre-sets are a great starting point when editing, you can then alter a filter to make the picture your own.

  5. Be active. Commenting and liking will add exposure to your profile and make your name more visible. Think less emoji’s, more thoughtful compliments!

  6. Timing is everything. Take into consideration the timing of your posts. People are most active on social media at 8am and 8pm.


We have been able to travel, make lifelong friends and memories and capture some incredible images for some awesome brands through our photography journey. We come together after every shoot, pick our favorite shots and edit each one accordingly, bouncing ideas off one another. Our teamwork and partnership strengthens our photos and allows us to spend a lot of quality time together, which has been the most rewarding part of this passion of ours!

IMG C3FF4D74FE8A-1 Article and Photos by: Nina and Joey Taylor